You know the joke about the Dutchman who was arrested at the German frontier because he wanted to import humor? In this section, drs. H.Volke will write some tongue-in-cheek essays over some actual incidents or news.

Dear United Kingdom, get out of the sandbox and stay with us

I'm a big fan of freedom of speech and for me, the word "populism" is not by definition negative but derived from the "vox populi", the voice of the people.


But the Brexit-puppet-show showed me that most politicians, instead of serving their peoples' common good, are only craving for more power.


"Do we stay, do we leave, whose fault is it?" The first referendum, second, third...and so on and so on and such.


Two annotations to this:


a) If I vote, I have to bear the consequences. This is called democracy.

I accept the decision of my opponent because he is willing to do the same if the polls are against him, or me. 


So, British people, accept your fate.


b) On the other hand, forgiving is great and everyone should become a second, or third, chance.


c) Last week, I had an argument with my future wife. It was about nothing. I love to nickel-and-dime from time to time, something my future spouse abhors. So after some tears, I said: "Honey, let's act as if nothing of this had happened. We start again half an hour ago."


d) What is the essence of all of it?

All politicians who love to play their puberal sandbox game, please get serious for some minutes, and together with the European Union, we agree on behaving as if the last 6 months had never happened in history.


Welcome back, United Kingdom!


































drs. H.Volke