Be competitive and stay competitive


Being the best requires a constant critical analyzing of existing structures. Germany is often called the "Service dessert" because of a service given to its customers that defies description.


A company that does well now should be determined to stay that way in the future by critically reflecting on is inner structure.


Why test purchases? 


One example any critical customer has experienced: you enter a branch of a coffee company to enjoy a wonderful cup of freshly brewed coffee. Watching the employees carefully, you get disappointed by the employees showing no interest in the customers at all, having more eye for their mobile than for the customer. After that, you visit the restrooms, deciding then never to come back again.


Test purchases for your company


It is not about being the market leader, it is about the single satisfaction of any customer. So, our test purchases are done anonymously,  stating after that in a report all negative impressions with proposals on how to change.



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