Studying in the Netherlands: the best choice

Student advisory service

When you decide to study in the Netherlands, a lot of questions arise immediately:


-   How to enroll?

-   What are the requirements?

-   Can I apply for housing subsidy in the Netherlands?

-   What happens if I fail in the first year?


Together with you/your child(ren), we map your plans out, adapt them to your needs and expectations and help you to go for it.


Now and in the future.


Contact us to get more information about the possibilities of studying in the Netherlands.

Langue courses Dutch

A new language has to be learned. Now it is time to find the teacher you trust.


With the EDB, you have found the right partner. We know that learning a new language has to be effective and, above all, fun. 

When you learn with the EDB, soon after some units you will be able to make your first sentences in the new language.


This will give you a boost of motivation, which will be used to learn the new language.


We offer:


-   an own dictionary according to your language goals

-   constant correction until you can correct yourself

-   fast results:  teaching what really counts



Contact us for further information


Coaching for the Netherlands

By experience, we know that studying in the Netherlands is rewarding, but also requires full motivation and determination.


The EDB help during the preparational stage of going to study to the Netherlands, while preparing for the examination NT2 and even after the study has begun or ended.


-  24 hours reachability for students

-  Coaching on the spot in the Netherlands, if necessary

-  After-training 


At your  service, at any time!