Dutch for companies

The EDB offers its new program with which your employees will become ready for the (temporary) detachment into the Netherlands.


We developed our special 


                                       Company Weekend Dutch


for this purpose, a special training for leading managers to prepare them for their new foreign job.


Within 80 units, the participants get all they need to be ready to represent your company in the Netherlands or Belgium.


After this weekend, the participant can do the CNaVT later or can enroll for the NT2 later in September.

German for companies

The EDB offers for C1-level speaker a special "fine tuning" course German to perfect their use of German on a native speaking level.


This conversation course will enable them to perform German at the highest level of usage. Special expressions, specials terms and grammar will be treated to create a perfect course that will drive your German to perfection.



We offer:


-   constant correction

-   a special dictionary/special texts to get the new terms under your knees

-   to-the-point grammar



We can really answer any grammatical question you got, so you not only know what you say but also why you say it.


All courses are held in your company so that you feel well in a known surrounding.