Language and intensive courses for private persons

Ein Examenszentrum der IBG in Eindhoven

Every year, the NT2 is organized in the Netherlands on 4 different proficiencies: Lezen (reading), Luisteren (listening), Schrijven (writing) and Spreken (speaking).


This state examination is needed for any student who wants to follow Dutch lectures.


The EDB is preparing for this exam.

The EDB has offered language courses since its foundation in 2005 and has prepared customers for this exam. 


The concept of the intensive courses has thereby proven very effective: within a short period of time (almost two weeks), the participant learns the new language and gets during this also important cultural tips on his study and the life and history of the Netherlands. 


A specially developed concept, constant correction of pronunciation, motivation, and determination, the result will be a top-notch preparation of the exam so that the study can be started.


The EDB has been enlisted and entitled by the CNaVT to take the several exams offered. This outstanding combination of preparing and examining enables our customers to prepare and take the examination on one hand.

Our performances:


    Offered languages: Dutch/English//Spanish/German

      Dutch: preparational courses and exam at the EDB possible

    An evaluation interview with our customers to define the goals and needs in the 

      new language

    A custom-tailored dictionary

    A thorough introduction to the new language

    After finishing the course: coaching on the spot (by us or partners)


Weekend intensive courses Dutch

Get ready for this weekend!


The EDB has started a new program especially for people working during the week but are motivated enough to have the language experience of their lives.


This special weekend takes place at 8 weekends and offers all of its participants within 2 months are thorough bases of the Dutch language.


How often?          

8 weekends, Saturday and Sunday each



5 hours between 9 o'clock am and 5 o'clock pm



Intensive course (80 units x 45 minutes)

Thorough introduction into the Dutch language

Target level: B2 (EU-reference)

Preparation for the NT2-exam of DUO             



2800 Euro plus 19 % VAT

All papers and copies included


Contact us to get more information on this course!



Course List 2019 private customers
This list gives the actual courses for private people. It will be soon available in English.
Kursliste Niederländisch 2019 Privatkund[...]
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