Consultancy for SMEs

Even if people always talk about the European Union and its harmonization processes, there are many traps a company can get into.


New directives and regulations are not only restricting possibilities but also widen the scope in which a company can work in.


We work especially on the field of the relationship between German and Dutch companies on SME-level.


We offer an all-in-package that will enable your company to expand and to find its place on the new foreign market.


We create synergies that are really useful on the juridical, social and economic levels.



Reliable  consultancy: how can I recognize?

How can you recognize a reliable consultancy?



-   there is a protocol made up during the first evaluation interview to map out the intentions and possibilities.


-   not only subsidies are promised but also an all-in-package which entails legal, social and above all economic aspects.


- there is not a list with all possibilities but a clear recommendation of which path to choose.


-   if a deadline cannot be kept, this is communicated before a contract is signed.