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Projekt Erfolg durch Bildung
Dieses Projekt ist ein Teil des neuen Partnerprogramms des EDB zur Verbesserung des Hochdeutschen und zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit in Deutschland
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The EDB starts a new program to improve significantly the German language proficiency within many companies


Germany has a big problem with its language. More and more absolvents of both schools and universities are no capable of communicating in High German. German needs to change this situation as soon as possible to keep the country competitive. 


The "Project 2020 SMEs German: Succes by Education". Together with its affiliate program, the EDB wants to create a group of way-paving companies that will show the country how to integrate and support their (foreign) employees by enabling them to speak the best German there is.


From November 1st, we start our EDB affiliate program enabling the participating companies to get more attention and more attractive conditions from the EDB.


This program offers to the participating partners:


-  Special condition for German and Dutch intensive courses


-  Consulting and coaching for all affiliated companies at a member rate


-  Expansion of company recognitional value by putting it and its logo on the EDB's 



-  A special newsletter with possibilities to present and advertise for one's company


-  Regulars' table with actual topics 


-  A new channel presenting SMEs with their products and giving more recognitional         value to their companies.


We will keep you posted about this new project.


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