Our principles

Europe is more and more governed by Europan Law. Enabling the entrepreneur to understand European rules and regulations by serving him with the right information facilitates and improves decision-making on a local level.


The EDB can help to go through this process by:


-  consulting on European regulations and rules concerning the company


-  checking websites on grammatical and semantical aspects


-  helping with languages courses to improve the writing skills for entrepreneurial correspondence 


- using our network to lay contacts between companies, thereby creating additional value



We guarantee the following principles to prevail by trying to reach above-mentioned goals:


  • Independence                                                                                            As consultants, we safeguard the independence of third parties, especially when  decisions have to be taken on other partners or suppliers.
  • Objectivity
    Our consultancy always takes care of all risks and chances.
  • Competency
    We restrict ourselves to fields where we are experts on or have gathered experience through practice
  • Confidentiality
    All consulting measures and actions are governed by strict confidentiality laws


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