The EDB: better by experience

The EDB was established in 2005 to improve the economic relationships between the Netherlands and Germany and to help and support Small and Medium-Sized Companies (SMEs) in both countries. 


Drs. H.Volke started in the same years working for the Institut for European Economic Support. He has supported and accompanied many companies since on their way to the German and Dutch markets.


After some years of consulting, he soon realized that companies also need to communicate in the language of the market they are on. So he developed courses for academics, companies and private persons to get as soon as possible on a native speaking level.


His motto: "Making things easier" is used by him and his company every day to help people to understand structures better and easier. German is often regarded as being "difficult" to learn, something he wants to prove wrong with his new book that compares and offers some inside scoops of German in comparison.


Customer satisfaction, continuity and reaching one's goals is of paramount importance, no matter where are you from and what is your background.


From next year on, drs. H.Volke is planning to rename his company and make it a real consultancy, with both language and economical aspects to be combined supremely.

Why learning languages with the EDB?
Some information in English about our Dutch and German courses.
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