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Together with our B2B-customers, we develop consultancy and language solutions to make your company the market leader by enabling your employees to excel.

The EDB: the right decision

The EDB was established in 2005 to improve the economic relations between the Netherlands and Germany.


Drs. H.Volke, who had studied International Relations, Economics, Politology and above all European Law, was asked to come to work with the Institut for European Support in Zeven as a consultant on these fields.


Soon he not only consulted about entrepreneurial topics like establishing companies and contracts but soon realized that many misunderstandings are not only based on juridical but above all linguistical and semantical.


The idea of establishing the EDB was, therefore, offering one whole all-in-one-package to the customers.


And this is precisely what we are standing for: to offer the customer high-profile performances for the best results on the markets his company wants to be represented on.


It all starts with language

Drs. H.Volke soon learned that customers prefer being approached in the language of their country. As an example, he loves to give the Netherlands, where tourists, at least if they learned some Dutch, get kind of frustrated by being offered German, Englisch, Spanish and French by their Dutch hosts.


The language you want to sell your products in is therefore of paramount importance for your company.


Let us help you to perform it perfectly!


At your service!

Our performances


We are at home in the European Union, and we know the ins and outs of Europe. Especially if it comes to German - Dutch relationships.

In-house trainings

Top-notch trainings German,Dutch and English. German and Dutch both if necessary performed in English. 


We don't need months to teach you speak them fluently, we need weeks or days. 


Contact us and get information on the fastest language acquisition we have the best references of.

Boot camp German/Dutch/Englisch

The fastest language learning there is...and the hardest...


Let yourself be lead to language victory by H.Volke, with his special method.


Only for the best-motivated CEOs and employees.

We offer you a range of products to make your performance on the European markets, but especially the German and Dutch market, a success: not only by making you ready on linguistical but also by enabling you to make decisions based on facts delivered by us.


- IN-HOUSE courses German and Dutch


With our special method, we enable you to be able to speak German or Dutch within a minimum period of time. Even after some hours, you will feel at home in the new language and will be able to make the first sentences by yourself.


Our special preparation courses for CEOs or people detached abroad have been acclaimed by our customers. Within 20 hours, the basics are yours and you can build on them to go ahead by yourself.


- Boot-Camp-German 


We do not promise wonders. We promise that if you are motivated to the max, you are ready to become the best.


Our Boot-Camp-German is a weekend trip into the depths of the German and Dutch languages. Only the best and most motivated can stand this powerful weekend to be almost on a native speaking level after it.



Contact us to get more information about how we can make you top-notch in this field of expertise!


Using modern techniques to get the best results

Digitalising the world means using the best available to become better: worldwide!


The EDB not only offers IN-HOUSE courses but also teaching on the internet. We use Cisco Webex to offer you the best teaching platform.


Contact us to get more information on how to make you ready for the language you want to communicate in. Worldwide.


Our portfolio


- All teaching and learning materials are written by us ourselves to get the best possible result: making you fluent in a minimum of time.


- Putting together, according to your goal, a custom-tailored dictionary to make you affluent in the field of expertise you need.


- Constantly controlling both your pronunciation and your grammatical and semantical structure.


-  Offering you from the first unit the fundament of the languages taught enabling you to go on perfectly.


- giving you next to the language acquisition handy tips on cultural and juridical idiosyncrasies of the country you are learning the language of.


Don't be desperate!


The EDB is constantly working to make learning languages easier and more comfortable. That is why our customers are so satisfied with our performances: the result counts.


We don't believe in levels. It is possible to get fluent in a short period of time.


We know that German and Dutch are not difficult but only to get used to them.


And: we believe that a teacher who needs books to teach is not a very good one. Ours don't.

The Netherlands: Worth visiting for study and holidays

Too many stereotypes? Let's get real.



Prepare yourself for the study of your life


As you can read every day, the Netherlands offers you a top-notch university education at the highest level. 


Start studying in the Netherlands!


How can we support you with your studying plans:



- Our Dutch courses enable you within days to speak and to be well prepared for the exams you have to do in the Netherlands to be able to follow a Dutch study program.


- The EDB has been listed by the CNaVT to be allowed to take their exams once a year (mostly in May).


- We prepare for the NT2 that is organized by DUO.


So: Stop thinking in stereotypes, start planning for studying in the Netherlands!


Contact us to be kept posted on the possibilities that are awaiting you!




Your advantages:


- Custom-tailored learning materials with a special dictionary


- First sentences after the first units


- Constant control of grammatical and semantical use


- No parroting, but in-depth knowledge of the new language



Your guarantees:


- We are not a language school but a consultancy company that is first of all goal-oriented and multi-disciplinary. We want to get a result according to your plans and wishes as soon as possible.


- We are no publishing company and don't want to sell you books. All our texts are written by us ourselves according to your plans and wishes.


- We know what we teaching. You can ask any time any question you always wanted to know: we got it for you.


- We are motivated to the max. So you can expect a real teaching experience with us. We do not teach languages alone but also give you inside information about the law, economics, cultural and social aspects.


Come to the EDB - singles courses that really make the difference!







Sail with us to success!

Experience  Reliability  Coaching  Competence!

From 2020, we will sail your company to success by presenting

your company with our own EDB/Volke Consulting channel.


In addition to our new newsletter in which you can find new ideas for European SMEs, you can present your company with your logo, an introductory interview and a presentation of the products you offer.


This will be completed by a new channel on which we will present SMEs and their products to create new cooperations abroad and more!!!


Be ready for success, be ready for our new channel!